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Almost anywhere you travel in Australia you will find birds feeding, preening, nesting. Often they are taken for granted. Many do not know the name of a species when it is observed. Many do not appreciate the importance of birds nor the struggle they have to survive as suitable habitat diminishes. It is hoped that these DVDs will raise awareness and help appreciate our birdlife. Bird-lovers will enjoy the video images, young children may learn about their diversity and the elderly may remember and enjoy our beautiful birds.

Video was taken in HD (High Definition). Some quality is lost when compressed for DVD. Each DVD uses the PAL format and is over 62 minutes in length. The 16:9 ratio make the DVDs suitable for computers and digital televisions only.

Australian Bird DVDs provide:

  • Over eight hours of video of Australian birds.
  • Approximately one minute of video images of 494 Australian birds.
  • The name of each bird and the location of where the video was taken.
  • Most of the bird calls.
  • Some background piano music.

The DVDs were developed by Garry Clark. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding the DVDs. A 10% discount is provided if you order four to seven DVDs. A 12.5% discount is provided if you purchase 8 or more DVDs.

A couple of examples of the quality of video on the DVDs is provided below.